Dogs are great companions and man's best friend. Unfortunately, some of them like to express themselves a bit too much by loud barking. A dog whose barking you can't control could drive both you and your neighbors crazy. The good news is, regardless of how annoying your dog barking is, you can train it out them. Most pooches are intelligent creatures who want to make their owner happy. Once you figure out what training method works for your particular fur baby, you can start working on putting an end to the incessant barking.


1. Figure out your dog's triggers

Pups use whimpering and barking as a way to communicate with their owners. If you want them to stop the incessant barking, you must know what caused it in the first place. So watch your dog and learn what sets them off before beginning a plan of action. It could be many things, such as a delivery, seeing movement outside the window, the vacuum cleaner, or noise coming from other household appliances.

See what triggers the barking Capuski / Getty Images


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