Puppies are great. They're adorable, and being there for their birth is special. Owners of pregnant dogs may wonder how long they have to wait for the new puppies to arrive. Not only do owners need to know the length of the dog gestation period, but they should also learn how to care for the expectant mom and her new pups. It's important for owners to research the stages of dog pregnancy and how to prepare for birth.


1. How Long is a Dog's Pregnancy?

Dogs are pregnant for around two months or 63 days. As with humans, dog pregnancies are broken up into trimesters. There are three trimesters in a dog's gestation period, each lasting 21 days. Most dogs don't show signs of pregnancy for the first few weeks. Dogs experience similar pregnancy symptoms to humans, including morning sickness. A vet can say for sure if a dog is pregnant, but not until the 25th day of pregnancy.

Dog and newborn puppies JodiJacobson / Getty Images


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