All dogs bark occasionally, but some like barking so much that it becomes a problem. Noisy dogs can annoy the neighbors, drive their owners to distraction, and even get fines and other legal penalties. Luckily, in most cases, it is fairly easy to train a dog to stop barking. You just need a little patience and consistency to get the job done, along with plenty of time to let your dog calm down and learn the new routine.


1. Why Do Dogs Bark?

Before you begin training your dog not to bark, it's a good idea to understand why your dog is doing it. Dogs bark for many reasons, including boredom, anxiety, fear, and stress. One of the most common causes of barking is territorial behavior. The dog sees someone or something approaching their property, so they feel the need to alert everyone to the situation. Some dogs also bark due to excitement and happiness. Spend some time thinking about the situations that usually cause your dog to bark to identify the root causes of the behavior.

Barking golden retriever in park cunfek / Getty Images


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