2. Debunking Myths About Lyme Disease in Pets

Lyme disease concerns pet owners for a number of valid reasons. Separating the myths from the facts is key to understanding the disease and protecting your pet and household.

  • Myth: All ticks carry Lyme disease. This is not factual information. Only black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, carry the disease.
  • Myth: Dogs get a bullseye rash if infected. The truth is, an infected tick bite doesn’t cause a bullseye rash in dogs, but it does in humans.
  • Myth: If an infected tick bites a dog, it transmits the disease immediately. This is a popular misconception. It takes about 48 hours after the bite to transmit the disease to the dog.
myth blacklegged tick Andrei310 / Getty Images

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