As humans, we’re used to seeing our belly buttons right there on our navels. Whether they’re innies or outies, they’re generally visible. Because of this, it’s a little bit too easy to think that our furry friends don’t have them. It’s also extremely hard to stop wondering about once you finally do. If they didn’t have belly buttons, how did they survive in utero? Where did their umbilical cords go? With this in mind, they clearly must have them. But where are they? Do dogs actually have belly buttons?


1. Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Yes! You might not be able to see your dog’s belly button when you look at their belly, but they do have them. They just don’t look anything like ours. All placental mammals such as the dogs and cats we know and love have belly buttons. Placental mammals are one of the three main types of mammals. They, unlike marsupials and monotremes, are mammals that carry their young inside of them until a late stage of development. This means they need to have a placenta and umbilical cords to survive when in utero. They make up the majority of mammals including us humans. Put simply: any mammal that has an umbilical cord has a belly button.

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