Although some dogs are chosen based on their wits, there is something truly endearing about those silly dogs that just don't seem to get it. When it comes to deciding whether a dog is smart or not, the most pertinent field of intelligence to consider is their obedience intelligence; meaning the number of repetitions, it takes on average for their breed to learn a new command. That being said, adaptive and instinctive intelligence are also relevant. Adaptive intelligence is how capable the breed is of learning from their previous mistakes, and instinctive intelligence refers to a breed's ability to perform tasks that they are bred to excel in, such as herding or tracking scents. It is important to note that sometimes a dog can be smart but is too stubborn to demonstrate it.


1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds are most prized for their dignified looks and their luscious locks. These dogs are loyal and gentle but can be very tough when it comes to teaching them new tricks. Known to be stubborn and often even called aloof, Afghan Hounds tend to take between 80 to 100 repetitions before they perform a new command. Despite their goofy demeanors in the house, Afghan Hounds can make good hunting dogs and have lots of energy.

Afghan hound running THEGIFT777 / Getty Images


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