Dogs are susceptible to most of the health problems that affect humans, and allergies are no exception. Dog owners want to help their beloved pets, so they often wonder, "Can I give my dog antihistamines?" Antihistamines relieve allergy symptoms by blocking histamine receptors in smooth muscle and blood vessels. Veterinarians frequently recommend antihistamines for dogs. Owners can give their dogs antihistamines at home because the medications have a wide margin of safety, and dogs usually tolerate them well.


1. What Kind of Antihistamines Are Safe?

Most pharmacies and grocery stores carry antihistamines in several formulations. Read the active ingredients on the label to make sure it is just an antihistamine medication instead of a combination of drugs. Avoid liquid for dogs because liquid formulas have high alcohol content. The 25-milligram tablets are a good choice because they contain an antihistamine without any other active ingredients.

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