When you gaze into those big puppy dog eyes, have you ever wondered how your dog actually sees you? Are they seeing you as well as you see them, or better? Or worse? Can they see the color of your eyes and hair, or are they color blind? Can they really see in the dark? If you’ve been wondering how your best friend actually sees the world through his eyes, look no further.


1. Can dogs see in the dark?

When it comes to night vision and pets, most people think cats have claimed the crown. While that might actually be true, dogs can see in the dark too. In fact, their night vision abilities aren’t that far off from cats’, and are most certainly better than humans’! With a higher concentration of low-light sensitive rods than human eyes and bigger pupils to allow more light to pass through, dogs’ vision is much better adapted to see in darkness than ours is.

Dog's eye timsa / Getty Images


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