Certain foods that humans eat are not considered safe for dogs to consume. In fact, some of these foods can be very dangerous for our canine friends to eat. Most people who eat raw or cooked onions only have to, perhaps, think about how this food will negatively affect their breath. When it comes to dogs eating onions, though, there might be quite a bit more to worry about than a case of bad breath.


1. Onions Contain a Toxic Substance

There is a compound found in onions that's known as N-propyl-disulfide. This compound gives onions its strong odor. It is also the cause of eye irritation when you peel and slice an onion.

Other than that, N-propyl-disulfide is not dangerous to humans. It can, however, damage your dog's red blood cells. This substance found in onions lessens the red blood cells' ability to transport oxygen. It also causes a dog's body to treat blood cells as invaders, resulting in anemia. This, if not treated promptly, can lead to internal organ damage, organ failure, or even death.

Onions Cause Human Eye Irritation Magdevski / Getty Images


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