Sometimes it seems like dogs will eat anything. That doesn't mean they should, though. A dog's digestive system is different from a human's, and pet owners need to be aware of what dogs can and can't eat. Sometimes, despite an owner's best efforts, dogs can get a hold of foods they're not supposed to have. A lot of foods contain pecans and other nuts. Some owners may wonder if dogs can eat pecans, or if accidental pecan intake warrants a trip to the vet. Take a look at these facts to find out.


1. Are Pecans Harmful to Dogs?

The answer is yes; pecans are harmful to dogs. Pecans may cause an upset stomach or a gastrointestinal blockage in dogs. In addition to the gastrointestinal risks, pecans also contain toxins that are harmful to some animals, including dogs. This is especially true of moldy pecans. The toxins found on moldy pecans can cause seizures and other neurological problems for dogs.

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