Can dogs eat grapes? The short answer is no! Grapes are highly toxic to dogs -- and yes, that goes for raisins, their dried counterparts, as well. While some pups appear more sensitive than others, a dog’s breed, gender, size or age appears to have no influence on whether or not they are affected, because no quantity of grapes or raisins has ever been proven to be safe for canines. The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center strongly advises against giving any quantity of grapes or raisins to your dog at any time.


1. Why are grapes toxic to dogs?

Unfortunately, the substance that makes grapes and raisins so incredibly poisonous to canines has yet to be pinpointed by researchers. All we know is that when your dog ingests either, there is a chemical in the fruit which has the potential to cause a reaction that could likely lead to sudden kidney failure.

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