Garlic is something that has always been considered poisonous to dogs. But your dog has probably eaten garlic without you even being aware. Many burger patties and other processed foods contain garlic. If you feed your dog leftovers, chances are they are eating garlic regularly.

Being in the same family as onions, people believe garlic is as toxic as onions to our four-legged friends. Onions contain high levels of a chemical called thiosulphate, which can damage red blood cells. Garlic also contains the chemical but is it really that bad for your dog?


1. Everything in Moderation

High levels of thiosulphate can cause Heinz hemolytic anemia, which shortens the life-span of red blood cells. Without enough of these cells, body tissues and organs don’t receive enough oxygen, which can lead to your dog becoming very sick.

However, raw garlic doesn’t contain high levels of thiosulphate. Studies suggest you would have to feed a 10lb dog eight cloves of garlic or a 75lb dog four bulbs (or 60 cloves!) before they would experience any effects. You wouldn’t eat that much garlic so why would you feed your favorite pet so much? Giving your dog garlic in moderation can actually be good for their health.

raw garlic dogs thiosulphate sobakabarobaka / Getty Images


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