Our furry feline friends are capable of many things. They’re more than just a hit on the Internet. Cats are good for our hearts and our minds, says science, and we’re inclined to believe it. Petting a cat has proven to have a calming effect on our sometimes far-too-busy lives and can lower our stress levels. But is there anything that cats can’t do? Are they colorblind as dogs are purported to be? Can they learn tricks? Can cats see in the dark? There are answers to all of these, and they’re more surprising than you’d think.


1. Is Cat Vision Different to Human Vision?

Cat vision and human vision differs in a variety of ways. Evolutionarily, we need different things from our eyesight. Most of us don’t need to see in the dark, no matter how much we’re told that eating carrots will help that. Cats, on the other hand, do need to somewhat be able to see in the dark. Their vision allows them to be able to see in a sixth of the amount of light that humans can. In fact, they excel in low light. For us humans, we’ve probably got a few more walls to walk into yet.

cute tabby kitten / Getty Images

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