Adopting a rescue dog can be a great way to save money on a new addition to the family, but opting for a purebred doesn't need to break the bank. While some breeds can cost thousands of dollars each, many of the most popular and charming dogs cost just a few hundred. As long as you can keep up with feeding and grooming costs, these affordable breeds are the perfect companions for owners on a budget.


1. Pug

At an average price of $350, the pug is one of the cheapest dog breeds money can buy. These cute and compact pooches grow to a height of around 10 to 14 inches and can live to be up to 15 years old. If you're looking for a dog to provide you with constant companionship, you definitely can't go wrong with a pug. Bred to be lap dogs, they're highly affectionate with their owners and suitable for families with children. However, that does mean you won't be able to leave your pug at home alone for too long as they tend to get a bit anxious when left to their own devices.

Cheap pug laying in grass Blaine Harrington III / Getty Images


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