You love dogs, but that doesn't mean you always want to be covered in hair. While heavy shedders can make great pets for people willing to deal with the upkeep, some people want easier coats. If you want to stay away from the dogs that shed the most and look for a more low-maintenance pup, here are some breeds to avoid.


1. Malamutes and Huskies

Often grouped together as Arctic breeds, there are a few distinct breeds that fall into this group. Whether you're looking at a Siberian husky, an Alaskan husky, a malamute, or any similar breed, they're all big shedders. Their coats are designed to handle both frigid winter temperatures and warm, humid summers with ease, so these dogs have a heavy coat that they shed completely with the seasons.

lazy Siberian husky dog lying in a hammock Sergeeva / Getty Images


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