Let's face it. There's nothing harder than saying "no" to your best friend; you know, the one at your elbow with the wagging tail and big puppy-eyes, the one that’s hungrily inspecting the macaroni and cheese casserole or ham and Swiss on rye sandwich with cheese curls on the side, silently—but oh, so effectively--begging for a bite from your plate. While you bravely strive to retain control over table snacking for your pet, those eyes get you every time. We have some cheesy tidbits that may help you decide to give in or resist.


1. Benefits of Cheese Snacks

Overall, cheese is a solid snack choice. It’s a terrific fuel source, contains the mineral calcium that helps build and maintain strong bones and muscles as well as vitamin A, an essential element for a strong immune system and spot-on eyesight. B-complex vitamins contribute to a dog’s metabolism while providing essential fatty acids not produced in the body.

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