Long days and warm weather provide the perfect backdrop for fun summer activities with your grandchildren. Finding fun things to do with the grandkids can be a challenge, and you might be worried that you'll need to spend lots of money to keep them entertained. But you don't need to break into a retirement fund to keep the young ones happy. Instead, focus on making memories to treasure forever. Whether your grandchildren are into crafting, exploring, technology, or games there are so many ways you can have the best summer ever with your grandchildren.


1. Gardening Together

Learning to care for plants is a wonderful skill that will stay with your grandchildren for many years. Depending on the children's age, you could plant seeds, pot on seedings, or even mow the lawn together. Focus on tasks that take little time and emphasize how much you appreciate their help. One fun idea is to plant a fast-growing plant like a sunflower. If your grandkids live far away, they can take the pot with them when they go home. Be sure to ask after the plant when you call them for a chat.

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