The United States of America was a collaboration among several brilliant men, focusing on enlightenment and the concept of equality for all men, regardless of birth. We use the term "Founding Fathers" to refer to the men who shaped the concept and destiny of America, including diplomats, inventors, soldiers, and philosophers. Each of the following Founding Fathers had a unique contribution to the concept of democratic government by the people, for the people. Working together, these leaders determined a workable frame of government that is now a model for citizen-guided rule throughout the world.


1. George Washington

George Washington was a gentleman landowner and veteran soldier by the time the colony declared their independence from England. With service as a field officer in the French and Indian Wars, Washington was a solid choice to lead the fledgling militia and unite the disparate colonial armies. Although Washington suffered some of history's most famous routs, his flexibility and strategic battle plans, as well as his charismatic leadership of war-worn troops, made him successful in the end. Using training from elite German Hussars, Washington created a cohesive fighting unit. As president, Washington realized the importance of leading through merit and avoiding the European tradition of kings ruling until their death. His decision to leave office after 8 years set a precedent that facilitated popular rule in the county.

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