You can imagine introversion and extroversion as being on either end of a personality trait continuum. While introversion and extroversion are themselves two extreme personality traits, most people fall somewhere in the middle of the continuum. In fact, many theories of personality proclaim that everyone has some degree of introversion and extroversion, but most people tend to either be more introverted or more extroverted.

Extroverts are described as social, assertive, talkative, and excitable. Introverts are quieter and reserved and don't seek out social situations as often as extroverts do. People who are introverted possess several personality traits that make them unique.


1. Introverts Must Expend Energy in Social Situations

Whereas extroverts get energy from social situations, introverts must expend energy in them. Introverts tend to find social situations draining and need time alone after spending time around a lot of people.

This doesn't mean that introverts don't like spending time with other people. However, while an extrovert may go to social events to meet new people, an introvert prefers to spend quality time with close friends.

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