For those of us who know quite a bit about the paranormal, the word poltergeist will always make our arm hairs stand on end. Whether you call them ‘goosebumps’ or ‘chill bumps’, many-a-paranormal investigator out there will tell you that sometimes, being in the presence of a supernatural being will result in this condition. But what is a Poltergeist, exactly? And why are we so afraid of them? Should we be afraid, or has Hollywood brainwashed us into thinking we should be? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to confront it head-on.


1. What is the Meaning of the Word Poltergeist?

Poltergeist comes from the German for ‘mischievous’ or ‘noisy spirit,’ or a rough translation of it. The word itself goes back centuries in both Germany and the UK. In Germany, it dates back to the 16th Century where, in the UK, it goes back to the spiritualists of the 1840s. As a matter-of-fact, some of the very first recorded instances of it being used were in the writings of Martin Luther. Luther was also responsible for starting the Protestant Reformation, which kind of makes you wonder if the mischievous spirit he wrote of was actually him.

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