Every year, India commemorates Independence Day on August 15th, but you don't have to go all the way to India to honor the occasion. Indians worldwide celebrate the anniversary of the country's liberation with traditions old and new. Get inspired by the story of India's fight for freedom, then delight your senses with the vibrancy of Indian culture.


1. The British brew a rebellion

Summoned by the lucrative spice trade, the British East India Company arrived in India in 1617. By the mid-1800s, they controlled almost the entire country, imposing Western standards of education and British culture on the locals. Eventually, English was the primary language taught in schools. Indians resented the discrimination they experienced, as well as the rejection of their culture and religious beliefs. An uprising in 1857 led to Britain seizing control of the nation from the British East India Company — and the start of a rebellion.

Britain enjoyed the spice trade Joy_StockPhotography / Getty Images


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