One of the most common concerns of long-time employees is how to ask for a raise. The thought of setting up a meeting with your manager to ask for more money can be daunting. It's even tougher if you don't know your true worth, or are suffering from impostor syndrome.

Just like in an initial job interview, the most prepared employees have the best chance of landing a raise. The great news is, if you're here, you're already well on your way.


1. Do your research

Is there someone in your office who does less work, but makes more than you? Are employees in other buildings in your city wielding a higher paycheck?

You may already know that you should be paid a higher salary based on experience. If not, do some digging online.

Figure out how much others in your field are making. If you can, narrow your scope to those who are in your city or state.

Research is the first step toward walking into that meeting with your head held high. PrathanChorruangsak / Getty Images


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