Autonomous sensory meridian response, better known as ASMR, is an experience in which specific stimuli elicit a unique response. In some cases, the response is purely physical, though feelings of relaxation and relief may also occur. While ASMR has only recently become a topic of discussion and study, it is extremely popular as a relaxation aid and self-treatment for a variety of conditions.


1. Sensations

People who experience ASMR often describe the sensations as a type of euphoria consisting of both positive, relaxing feelings and a distinct physical sensation. Members of the ASMR community often refer to this sensation as a "tingle." The feeling travels down the head, into the neck, shoulders, arms, spine, and legs. Some individuals describe it as a mild electrical current or many popping bubbles. Medically, the tingle is a type of paresthesia, a description that encompasses various skin sensations.

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