A clear liquid diet is a short-term eating plan that includes only transparent, non-alcoholic, room-temperature foods and drinks. Doctors often recommend this regimen in preparation for medical procedures, for weight loss, and during post-operation recovery. Some people attempt to use the diet to lose weight quickly. A clear liquid diet supplies hydration, electrolytes, and some calories while significantly reducing strain on the gastrointestinal system. It can serve as a bridge between absolute fasting and consuming solid foods. However, it does not provide adequate daily nutrition, so no one should prolong the diet beyond the time their physician prescribes.


1. About the Clear Liquid Diet

Clear liquid diets are an age-old therapy for obtaining sustenance when eating normal foods is not possible or advisable. The liquids provide fluids and energy in a form the digestive tract can digest and eliminate easily. A typical clear liquid diet supplies about 600 calories and 150 grams of carbohydrates but almost no vitamins and minerals. People adhere to this regimen for only a few days before they resume intake of full, regular liquids and solids.

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