Authentic Turkish coffee is renowned for its strong, rich brew. Coffee culture began to flourish in Turkey during the 16th century. At one point, there was one coffee house in Istanbul for every five commercial shops. Today, Turkish coffee continues to entice coffee lovers with its unique preparation, which enhances its robust flavor. While many people love the taste of this type of coffee, others are enthusiastic about the health benefits associated with drinking this delectable beverage.


1. What Is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee refers to a special method of brewing coffee. Many Turkish coffee houses favor arabica varieties of finely ground coffee beans. The coffee is often ground so fine is almost a powder. Unlike many Western coffee preparations that prevent grounds from entering the cup, the Turkish preparation includes the powdered grounds in each cup. Sweetened with sugar, Turkish coffee is known for its robust flavor and froth texture and is often enjoyed with a sweet treat such as a pastry or Turkish delight.



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