Potassium is normally a mineral that doctors and dietitians encourage people to eat more of. It's important to maintaining a healthy heartbeat. It also plays a major role in helping your body maintain its fluid balance. Without potassium, your nerves and muscles don't function properly. So, why would anyone ever tell you to lower the potassium in your diet? Your kidneys control your body's potassium levels. Some medicines or chronic kidney disease require victims to lower their potassium intake. This is referred to as a low sodium diet.


1. Reasons to Reduce Potassium Levels

When your body runs low on potassium, you can make up for it by grabbing a snack that's rich in this vital mineral. Your body regulates potassium levels in your bloodstream after you eat fruits and veggies with potassium. However, if you surgically lost half a kidney, your body can no longer get rid of excess potassium via urine. Those having this condition have to observe a low potassium diet. Following this diet lowers the of risk of excess potassium in the bloodstream.

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