If you are interested in alternative healing methods, you may want to check out Shiatsu. It is Japanese bodywork that is considered highly therapeutic. At its most basic, Shiatsu is a mix of massage and acupuncture. However different styles can influence how it is practiced.

Shiatsu has been around since the start of the 1900s and integrates traditional medicine with what is now known from more modern western medical knowledge. Many people who receive this type of bodywork report numerous health benefits. Shiatsu is commonly used to treat many different diseases and chronic conditions.


1. What Does It Look Like?

Shiatsu is completely non-invasive and for those who are shy, may actually be preferable to massage. This is because Shiatsu is practiced over clothing. The actual word ‘shiatsu’ translates into ‘finger pressure,’ which is a good way to describe the style of the massage. In actual practice, it is a combination of pressing, tapping, kneading, soothing, stretching, and tapping done along the body without any use of oils.

What Does Shiatsu Look Like?


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