You've probably heard it a few times in the field of massage and thought it was more of a sound that you make it clear your throat than an actual trusted way to help realign and repair damaged muscles and joints in the human body. But Rolfing is actually a unique form of massage and physical therapy that stretches and repositions the body's fascia, which is also known as the supportive wrapping of the body itself, helping to restore the natural fibers and elasticity of the body itself. Below are more details on this unique, restorative therapy.


1. ) What is the length of a Rolfing Session?

Most rolfing sessions are similar to a session you would have with a masseuse giving you a massage, meaning about 60 minutes is standard for it to be effective and helpful for your body. Many people who are in need of real therapy through rolfing will do ten sessions, once a week. This ten-session time span is usually needed for people to show results from rolfing.

1) What is the length of a Rolfing Session?


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