Chakras are an aspect of early Indian religious traditions. According to belief, these internal energy centers correspond to different colors and areas of the body. Each also governs a different part of life. The word chakra translates to "wheel" or "circle," and people often visualize the seven centers as spinning discs at each energy node. Similar ideas exist in most cultures, but the concept of chakras is the most detailed and has been adopted by people throughout the world.


1. What are Chakras?

The concept of chakras comes from the idea that all life is made up of both a physical and an energetic body. The energetic body or subtle body reflects our psychological, emotional, spiritual, and mental energies. The chakras are where the energy of the subtle body concentrates. The seven main chakras line up along the spine from the seat to the top of the head. Practitioners believe balanced chakras free from blockages allow energy to move through the body, leading to a harmonious life.

what are chakras

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