The ketogenic or keto diet encourages the fat-burning metabolic process of ketosis; many people follow this eating plan to lose weight. With global adult obesity mortality nearing three million deaths every year, the demand is high for healthy eating habits. Though there are pros and cons to the keto diet, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. One temporary downside to this lifestyle is the keto flu, a common early side effect of the body adjusting to ketosis.


1. Keto Diet Side Effects

Most people who switch to the keto diet undergo a significant change to their former eating habits, notably the lack of carbohydrates. Sugar cravings are a major early side effect, especially for those who abruptly cease hearty helpings of bread and pasta, and yummy sweets like chocolate. Other side effects include mood swings, nutritional deficiency, frequent urination, excessive thirst, and persistent hunger. It may take some time for the body to get used to this new normal, but the effects usually subside around the second or third week of the diet.

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