A hangover is a combination of symptoms that develop when one consumes too much alcohol. Generally, the risk of a hangover increases with each drink. The likelihood and severity of this condition vary among individuals; some people seem not to suffer at all, while others cannot function the day after imbibing. The only sure-fire way to prevent a hangover is to avoid overdrinking. Excess alcohol intake can affect the body in more ways than one, so treatment calls for a multifaceted approach.


1. Hangover Symptoms: Inflammation

Consuming alcohol in high quantities can incite inflammation throughout the body. Research strongly links inflammation to a plethora of physiological disorders. Studies show that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, such as salmon and dark leafy green vegetables, fight inflammation and help curb the impact of overdrinking. Eating foods that lower inflammation may ease hangover symptoms.

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