Adding plants to your interior space is a great way to enliven your setting, add warmth and ambiance to décor, and, it turns out, to purify your home or office air quality. In 1989, NASA made an important discovery; the agency determined that many types of plants have the natural power to purify air, especially in enclosed spaces that have very little airflow. Air pollution and other toxins get trapped indoors. If you add some air purifying plants to your setting, you’ll likely be able to breathe a whole lot easier.


1. Chrysanthemums

Beautiful chrysanthemums are one of the best air-purifying plants you can add to your home. These eye-catching plants can remove ammonia and other toxins from the air. Although this plant is an air-purifying powerhouse, it only purifies the air so long as its flowers are blooming, which is roughly six weeks. Available in many different bloom shades, chrysanthemums will add color and texture to your home. Keep in mind, however, that these plants are toxic, so keep them away from kids and pets.



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