Modern life can be hectic, and many people find it difficult to squeeze in enough exercise all the time. If you find yourself too busy to work out often, or if fitness just isn't really your bag, you may be curious about the least you can do while still maintaining good health. The answer to that question can vary depending on many factors, but there are some general guidelines.


1. The Different Types of Exercise

There are two main types of exercise. Aerobic exercise, sometimes referred to as cardio, is any exercise that gets your heart rate elevated above a certain point. Common types include brisk walking, running, or bicycling.

The other type is resistance or strength training. This can include weight lifting, but it also includes using resistance tools like bands, or even just bodyweight, to increase your strength. Some yoga is strength training, for example, since you must hold up and manipulate your body. Pushups and pullups are other examples.

young woman using a resistance band for a workout in her home


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