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Many people want the perfect kitchen, but what exactly does that entail? So many kitchens are already great, so what does it take to make it even better? Really, it's entirely dependant on what you need and expect from your kitchen. There so many accessories and appliances that can make your kitchen experience better, more efficient, and enjoyable. You may even discover products that let you start a brand new hobby. Regardless of what you're looking for, these are some of the best kitchen items from Amazon that will let you step your kitchen game up.

1. NutriChef Convection Countertop Toaster Oven


This toaster oven is compact enough to fit just about any countertop size in any home. It boasts all the strengths of a conventional convection oven, but with the addition of a cutting edge air fryer. Get ready to make a variety of delicious meals more easily than ever before.


I am IN LOVE with this thing. We typically don't cook a meal for which we do not use it. It's easy. It's fast. And the clean-up is crazy easy. We just add about an inch of water to the bottom to catch any drippings... when we are finished cooked, we pour, rinse, and wipe dry. We have recommended this product to everyone we know.


2. Professional Chef Knife


Every chef, whether they're cooking at home or a gourmet restaurant, needs the proper tools. This knife can exceed expectations for even the most experienced chef. Its gorgeous Damascus pattern keeps it looking great through years of use.


Great knife! Great quality. Solid,,well balanced, sharp. Researched for quite awhile before selecting this one. very pleased and impressed of this one. Definitely recommend this knife to friends and family

Professional Chef Knife

3. GreenLife Soft Grip 16 pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set


You can always identify great cookware by the way it conducts a proper distribution of heat while cooking. The ceramic nonstick coating on this cookware allows for easy stirring or flipping. Not only that, cleanup is a breeze. Plus, the soft grip handle provides comfortable and secure handling.


These pots and pans have served me extremely well. They are SUPER non-stick- I've had tin-like metallic pans that stain and sometimes you can never get stuff off of them. But these pans clean SO easily, even for tough burnt food and such. The color is nice and fresh, and it was so helpful to get the kitchen tools with them. The kitchen tools are non-stick and easy to clean. Highly suggest for someone just starting out who wants the whole kitchen package.

GreenLife Soft Grip 16 pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

4. Beeswax Food Wraps


If you need to store food but are tired of plastics that are bad for the environment, try these beeswax cloths instead. You can create reliable seals using the warmth of your hands. The sheets are organic, eco-friendly, and reusable, making them a great alternative to traditional plastic wrap.


TFinally, I received my new beeswax wrap by Bee Healthy Lab. I always wanted to try them out, since I have heard so many benefits of it. Everyone knows that plastic is not only bad for our environment, but also can cause some health issues if in direct contact with your food. I love this cute print and it’s super very easy to use. I just warmed it up in my hands like it says on the box and covered the bowl of fruits.

organic beeswax food wrapper

5. Instant Pot Multi-Cooker


Sometimes it can be tough to find time to cook in our busy lives. On hectic days, we need variety and simplicity. This multi-cooker serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and much more. It's perfect not only for preparing family favorites but creating new, exciting dishes.

Prairie Princess

Perfect addition to the Instant Pot family. This little pot does the same incredible job as it's bigger brother and sisters. Great for making the side dishes or smaller main dishes. If you haven't gotten on board the Instant Pot train, do not hesitate! This mini pot even makes yogurt. The benefits to pressure cooking are numerous, using the Instant Pot makes it incredibly easy. Can you tell I'm completely smitten with this little appliance?! It proudly sits on my counter and is used nearly every single day.

Instant Pot from Amazon

6. FanArti Kitchen Utensil Set


When cooking, you don't want to struggle to find the right tool or use makeshift utensils. This set ensures you have every tool you need to make the best meals possible. The combination of silicon and wood ensures they won't scratch your cookware while remaining hygienic and easy to clean.


This is a cute 9 piece piece cooking utensil set. I really love the color. It's a pretty mint green. Very cheerful and goes well with my kitchen. I can use these with any of my cookware since nothing will scratch. Have washed them in the dishwasher and held up great. Would recommend.

FanArti Kitchen Utensil Set on Amazon

7. OXO Good Grips Portable Scale


If you're baking or trying to keep track of what you're eating, a scale is essential. This convenient scale features a detachable, dishwasher safe bowl that can securely snap onto the scale for easy storage. Its thin shape allows you to take it anywhere you may need it.

Michele M L

This is a great little scale. I really love the mechanism which allows you to "tear" or zero out after adding a bowl or to add an ingredient without having to do the math, like a digital scale. This size is also nicely portable, which matters to me because I weigh my food even in restaurants, and sometimes the tables are too unsteady for a digital scale.

OXO Good Grips Portable Scale

8. PINE KITCHEN CO Reusable Straws


Tired of going through hundreds of straws, and looking for a more permanent option? Try these reusable silicone and stainless steel straws. Each bundle includes a convenient carrying bag and a 2-piece set of flexible cleaning brushes.


I was looking for a low cost, easy way to curb my usage of straws at home and in restaurants. I found these and my children love that they’re lessening their impact and being greener with reusable straws and I’m happy to find a reusable straw that is dishwasher safe and not collapsible and $20 per straw.

PINE KITCHEN CO Reusable Straws on Amazon

9. Ninja Personal Blender


This Ninja personal blender can cut through ice and frozen fruits for all varieties of cold drinks and smoothies. Along with two 16-ounce cups, it also comes with a handy recipe guide to help you expand your repertoire of delicious drinks. Everything is dishwasher safe, so cleanup isn't an issue.

Lisa Landerdahl

This blender is awesome! My daughter and I recently started a weight loss program and while the shakes were OK prepared in a blender bottle, they weren't as good as we'd hoped. Bought this blender and made a shake in it with ice, and WOW! It very quickly makes "snow" out of the ice, and then we add water and the shake mix. The result is a fantastically blended smoothie texture.

Ninja Personal Blender

10. Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Molds


This set of three stainless steel molds in three sizes lets you create custom DIY bath bombs. If you're not into bath bombs, they're also fantastic for jello, cheese, chocolate, and much more. The package comes with a complimentary drawstring bag and an ebook full of great recipes.

Allison T.

I recently purchased several types of molds to make bath boms. These by far were the best. SO worth the extra money! I realized, once I started making them correctly, you do NOT need 36 pieces to make a bath bomb. You only need these 6 as they make 3 whole sizes. The boms do NOT need to stay in the molds, so essentially you can use and repeat till you mix is out. These do NOT dent, and are solid nice molds. Spend the few dollars extra to get quality that will last. Learn from me!

Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Molds on Amazon

11. French Press Coffee Maker


True coffee and tea connoisseurs know the benefit of a quality press. This french press possesses a triple-layered filter structure for the best beverages possible. Not only does this press create delicious tea and coffee, but it's also fantastic for hot chocolate, milk drinks, and fruit infusions.


We bought this for camping, and we love it!

French Press Coffee Maker on Amazon

12. Kitchen Lux 18oz Glass Water Bottles


If you're a person who enjoys drinks on-the-go, you know the importance of a leak-proof and durable bottle. These durable glass bottles are airtight with stainless steel caps that ensure no leaks or mess. Each bottle also comes with a foam nylon sleeve to protect it from any possible damage.


I use these for meal prepping and having 6 bottles really helps. I looked at similar products that were a lot more expensive for fewer bottles. They're great for protecting from breakage and also keeping the contents cooler. The mouth of the bottle is big enough to fill easily and the lids are air tight. Great product especially for the price. Definitely would recommend this anyone.

Glass Water Bottles on Amazon

13. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer


This Spiralizer offers 420 high-quality blades that can chop even the firmest of vegetables, including sweet potatoes and turnips. Creating low-carb vegetable pasta has never been easier. Plus, with the addition of four separate recipe ebooks, you'll discover a variety of brand new recipes to enjoy.


I've been thinking about getting a Spiralizer for awhile now, but finally took the plunge and ordered the Spiralizer® Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer, and it is AWESOME! I made a delicious Zucchini Shrimp Scampi for dinner last night that was a much healthier alternative to the pasta version but just as delicious! I can't wait to try out more delicious (and easy) recipes with my new Spiralizer!

Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer on Amazon

14. Meal Prep Containers


Pack and go meals are perfect for busy schedules, but finding the perfect container can be difficult. This 21-pack of versatile meal prep containers have three separate compartments for easy organization. They are microwavable, freezer-safe, and dishwasher-safe. Take your meal wherever you go with these convenient, durable containers.

Melissa Smith.

I started meal prepping with these and use them everyday! I love it! And it's so convenient ! My husband always takes a meal with him to work now. It's made my life so much easier, and now I always cook things in bulk just to have dinner and lunch for 4+ days!

Meal Prep Containers on Amazon

15. Premium Chef Quality Copper Mixing Bowl


As many expert chefs will tell you, there truly is no substitute for a high-quality copper mixing bowl. Though they are fantastic for all types of mixing, copper bowls are known for creating gorgeous whipped meringues. Each of these bowls has a protective coating to ensure they never tarnish.

Amazon Customer

Just what I wanted....but better. Perfect size, exactly as described, great finish. Don't hesitate to purchase.

Copper Mixing Bowl on Amazon

16. NUVA Anti-Fatigue Standing Floor Mat


Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows the pain of standing on uncomfortable kitchen floors for long periods of times. This NUVA anti-fatigue mat has the perfect thickness and elasticity to provide support and prevent pain. The waterproof surface and beveled design help prevent any slips or falls.

The Baroque Girl

Very pleased with the mat. I liked the smaller one so much I bought another one. I do quite a bit of cooking, sometimes standing in the kitchen for over four hours. These mats are very comfortable and so much nicer to stand on than the hard floor. They were packaged well and arrived within the time period advertised.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Floor Mat

17. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine


The differences between store-bought and homemade pasta are found in the taste and texture. This pasta machine, called the Ferrari of the pasta machine world by Cook's Illustrated, makes it simple to create three different shapes of delicious pasta. Other attachments add an additional 12 pasta shapes.


I initially purchased one of these pasta machines for my polymer clay. I love it so much I purchased a second one to make actual pasta! It is easy to use and a top quality machine. I definitely recommend it as it is well worth the price.

Pasta Machine on Amazon

18. Ball Regular Mouth 32-Ounces Mason Jar


The signs of a great mason jar are its durability and a tight seal. These mason jars can keep food fresh for up to 18 months. Though they are ideal for fruits, vegetables, pickles, or sauces, they also make high-quality crafting materials for the artsy do-it-yourselfer.


Perfect for what we needed. High quality, great for big morning smoothies.

32-Ounces Mason Jar on Amazon

19. Homitt Electric Spin Mop


Keeping a kitchen clean often feels like an unwinnable struggle. This cordless electric spin mop has a 300ml water tank. It combines a powerful spray function with high-speed spinning for a professional level of clean without the need for additional cleaning materials. Plus, it is lightweight and height adjustable.

Christine Barrett

Love this long handle brush. So far I have used it mainly to clean the bathtub which is why I bought it in the first place, and it does a wonderful job. No more kneeling or bending over the bath tub! The battery recharges just like a cell phone, and the charge lasts a long time. It even has a handle to hang the brush over the tub or anywhere for that matter. I've been looking for this kind of brush a long time and am glad I finally found something I like,

electric spin mop on amazon

20. Ultraviolet UVC Light Wand Stik


Cleaning a cooking area doesn't have to be a pain. The Tool Klean UVC Light Wand Stik is a powerful and easy way to use UVC light to sterilize any surface that may be exposed to microorganisms. It is safe, rechargeable, simple to hold, and doesn't release any heat.


After looking at many other portable sanitizers i chose this one. The quality is nice and instructions are easy and clear. I like the wand shape and portability. Its been a month since ive ordered and so far so good.

UV light want on Amazon

21. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer


Properly sealing food helps prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, mold, and fungus and retains freshness. The lightweight NutriChef vacuum sealer makes it faster and easier to properly seal food for later. With its two sealing modes, you can seal both dry food and prepared foods quickly and easily.

Tammy West

Omg, I love my Nutri Chef vacuum sealer so much. It's incredibly easy to use and the vacuum work wonderfully. You can adjust how strongly it vacuums and you can seal other types of bags too (not vacuum). Yesterday, I gathered all of the opened snacks around the house, cut them shorter and seal every single one. No more paper clips, rubber bands,... Also, the surface of the sealer is so so beautiful. Buy this product, you won't be disappointed

Vacuum sealer on Amazon

22. Wooden SauerKraut Tamper


This wooden tamper is 12 inches of beautiful cherrywood. Its double-ended construction ensures that you can easily use it with a variety of containers. This is a handmade tamper, created in the USA. It's not only an artisanal product but one that will hold up to years of use.


Gave this to my Wife's Sister as a gift and she loves it. She commented that it could double as a Husband Thumper! Lol! But seriously these are solid made and finished very nicely, no cheapness here! One of the nicest ones sold on Amazon! I have bought 4 of these to date for my Wife, 2 of her Sisters and 1 for my Daughter!! They are that nice!!

SauerKraut Tamper on Amazon

23. Premium 6 Pack Easy Wide-Mouth Fermenting Kit


It doesn't matter if you're new to fermenting or more experienced, this fermenting kit is great for everyone. It includes six fermenting lids that fit perfectly onto wide-mouth mason jars. The lids come equipped with a day and month tracker so you know exactly how long you've stored your creations.


We are just getting starting with fermentation/canning and decided to start with sauerkraut. These lids are very well made, very easy to use with our wide mouth mason jars and we just love the ability to have the date on each jar. Being able to remove the air from each jar when we're sealing them, almost makes the fermentation process for us error free. These lids will definitely save you time, effort and stress.

Fermenting Kit on Amazon

24. InterDesign Gia Kitchen Sink Suction Holder


No longer do your sponges have to sit and drain on the sink, leaving behind disgusting puddles. This InterDesign suction holder keeps sponges, scrubbers, soap, or whatever you need in a beautiful copper frame. Dual-plastic suction cups let the frame stick to most surfaces and allow for convenient drainage.


Great kitchen sink sponge holder. I like the square basket design this model offers because I do not have to worry about my sponge slipping into the sink like the channel-U design of a holder I previously owned. Also this model is apparently made of stainless steel and so far I see no signs of oxidation or corrosion in the metal (like in my previous model). Hopefully the quality and shiny aesthetic will last.

Kitchen Sink Suction Holder on Amazon

25. BeChef Defrosting Tray


The BeSafe defrosting tray has a dripping tray to catch thawing meat juices and prevent leakage onto your counters. This multipurpose try comes with a silicone basting brush and a shredding claw. Made of thick aluminum with a Teflon layer, the tray is nonstick and dishwasher safe.


I have used it many times already and am so pleased with the results. It defrosts items not only on the outside but all the way through. Of course the size of your frozen item determined how long it will take but this is the kind of product that is so useful that you want to buy for all your friends and family, or at least tell them about it. Simply an amazing product!

defrosting tray

26. Abakoo Stainless Steel Compost Bin


This Abakoo stainless steel compost bin fits anywhere and can hold up to 1.3 gallons of materials. It's molded from a single piece of metal for extreme strength and durability. A thick activated charcoal filter keeps all odors inside keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

A Dough

I’ve been composting for years and the biggest headache was always the smelly buildup of the food in whatever container I was using. With this Abakoo container, there is ZERO trace of smell, even when you open it. In addition, I produce a lot of compost and I only take this out about once a week- a big plus during Midwest winters! Maintenance is easy: dishwasher safe and soak the filter in soap water.

compost bin on amazon

27. FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer


Whether you're looking for a convenient method of drying baby bottles or you want to reduce plastic storage bag use, this wooden dryer is for you. It can dry up to eight items at a time. If you're worried about counter space, hang it using the convenient eyelet dowel feature.

Mercies New

I've always wanted a plastic bag dryer!! They are a bit rich in other catalogs, so when I found this one nearly $15 less expensive, I bought it. It's actually bigger and better built than I imagined-which I'm grateful. I use several times a week... I have a great appreciate for utilitarian tools!!

Great discoveries for the home not only make day-to-day tasks easier, but they can also introduce new ways of accomplishing them. Even the smallest of purchase can change your day-to-day routine for the better. The kitchen is often the heart of a home so why not make it the best it can be.

plastic bag dryer on amazon


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