Glycine or L-Glycine is a naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid. It's myriad benefits outweighs its small stature. The nutrient is key to the construction of both DNA and RNA and also promotes muscle growth and provides energy during exercise. While available to humans through natural production and animal products including most meats, fish, and dairy, it is common to be a bit deficient in glycine, so supplements can be useful. Excess glycine can be removed from the body with relative ease. There are many health benefits of glycine in addition to those mentioned above.


1. Glycine Is Great for the Gut

Many diets these days use bone broth as a staple to promote gut health. Bone broth is high in glycine and glycine is excellent for your gut. The amino acid heals the gut lining of those who struggle with Leaky Gut or SIBO. Glycine also helps manage gastric acid, helps repair ulcer complications, and treats other inflammatory gut issues.

gut health benefits of glycine

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