Before we delve into the health benefits of chromium, it is important to note that adding this supplement to your diet can be dangerous in some instances, so please consult your doctor first. Chromium is not a supplement everyone requires. Many middle-aged men in America are getting too much of this trace mineral, while women of the same age are likely just below the ideal level. We take in a lot of chromium through our diets, but it should be pointed out that there are two types of chromium:

1) Trivalent (chromium 3+) is found in food and is “biologically active.”

2) Hexavalent (chromium 6+) is considered toxic and unsafe for humans. You might already know this if you're a fan of the movie Erin Brockovich might remind you of this.


1. Just A Quick Reminder, Consult Your Doctor

Ideally, adding chromium to your diet will come on the heels of a recommendation from your doctor. Often, he or she will suggest testing before prescribing a chromium supplement. Without a research-based consensus in the medical profession, hesitation to prescribe the supplement is common, especially given there are many foods that naturally contain chromium. A diet consisting of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and milk products should be enough for anyone seeking more of this mineral.

Just A Quick Reminder, Consult Your Doctor


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