If you’re stressed to the max and dreaming of your next vacation, you might want to consider a staycation instead. Short for “stay-at-home vacation,” the term was coined by the Washington Post back in 2005 as a time “to dig in those heels and enjoy the comforts of home: 300-thread-count sheets, stainless outdoor fire pit, well-stocked fridge.” Every year, staycations become more and more popular. Not only does spending your holiday in your own city save money, you also often end up lessstressed than if you actually went somewhere.


1. You Can Truly Relax

That’s the whole point of a vacation, isn’t it? Despite this, many vacations are the opposite. Some people even feel like they need a vacation from their vacation. Staycations remove the stress from the vacation equation that come with the planning, packing, adjusting to inevitable hiccups, and hours of driving. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of stress can negatively impact your body, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. When left unchecked, it can lead to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Everyday life is stressful enough. Why pile on even more during your precious time off?

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