Yoga nidra is an ancient style of yoga that helps the practitioner achieve a state of mind between wake and sleep. This state is similar to lucid dreaming and is often called yogic sleep. Yoga nidra is similar to meditation, yet different from other forms of yoga. The practice originated in India from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions; some yoga teachers end regular yoga classes with yoga nidra, during the practice of savasana. Currently, yoga nidra has become a popular practice on its own because of its many healing benefits. Classes are offered at yoga studios, and many online sources exist as well.


1. Who should practice yoga nidra?

Anyone can practice yoga nidra. Physically speaking, it is the easiest form of yoga and can be done by people of all ages and abilities. It is especially beneficial for those experiencing physical or mental health issues, though even people in good health will benefit, experiencing improvements in general well-being, quality of sleep and stress levels.

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