Coconut sugar is made by dehydrating and boiling coconut palm sap. It is becoming more and more common as an alternative to traditional white sugar. While some feel that sugar is sugar, and everyone should eat less of it, others believe moving away from refined sugars to other sweeteners offers sufficient health benefits. If nothing else, making the transition to coconut sugar may help lower overall sugar intake. Sugar of any type may never be considered healthy, but using coconut sugar in place of refined white sugar can be a smart choice.


1. Close to its Natural Form

There are several reasons to select foods that have minimal processing. They are generally healthier, have fewer calories, and hold on to more of their nutrients. Also, the less processing that occurs, the lower negative impact a particular food has on the body. White sugar is refined extensively before it hits supermarket shelves, including processing through natural carbon, which is often bone char. This is what gives refined sugar its white color.

Coconut sugar in a coconut husk. egal / Getty Images


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