Most people regard Qigong as traditional Chinese exercise, but it’s much more than merely a physical fitness experience. Qigong is a mind, body, and spiritual practice that encompasses posture, movement, meditation, breathing, and some martial arts training. Traditionally, people who have practiced Qigong value it for its positive effects on their mental and physical health and their spirituality. In fact, some studies suggest that Qigong can benefit people who are suffering from a wide array of health conditions. If you are interested in learning about this 4,000-year-old Chinese practice, you should get to know all about Qigong and how it can benefit your life by reading through the following facts.


1. Get with the Flow

Qigong helps people get in tune with their energy flow. The techniques nurture synergies that exist between mental, physical, and spiritual health. Millions of people worldwide practice Quigong to experience its enriching energy flow that brings balance to their overall well-being. Balance qi or life energy is a cornerstone of traditional Qigong. Life energy is a tenet of both Chinese martial arts in general and Chinese traditional medicine. While the flow of life energy is an Asian concept, many non-Asian practitioners of Qigong relate this concept to ideas of promoting positive mental and physical health through techniques that simultaneously support both.

Get with the Flow


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