No two pregnancies are alike. Every woman has a different experience, and one woman's experience from one pregnancy to the next can also vary greatly. At every stage, the gestation period can leave women feeling tired, sore, and stressed. Many products out there claim to make pregnancy easier; while some are money grabs, others are items by which mothers-to-be swear. It might feel like the side effects your pregnancy will never end, but these products could help you cope until the baby is born.


1. Pregnancy Pillow

There are several types of pregnancy pillows. Wedge pillows can help support a growing tummy. They fit right underneath the pregnant belly when the mother is laying on her side. Body pillows offer more support to the whole body and are available in most stores. Large, C-shaped pillows are a third option; they are easily positioned and manipulated to support the head, neck, tummy, hips, and knees.

Pregnancy Pillow Sleep NataliaDeriabina / Getty Images


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