When it comes to memory, some people appear more skilled than others, but all is not lost. A recent study published in the scientific journal Neuron reports engaging in memory training techniques can improve memory. The study suggested that these memory techniques lead to the development of new neural connections in the brain. Even four months following the study, these neural connections remained intact. Many scientists now believe that strategic memory tests could promote improvements in memory and recall.


1. Does Memory Training Really Work?

The Neuron study indicated certain memory training techniques could lead to improvements in memory, but there are many other techniques, online apps, and methodologies that also claim to promote a sharper mind. Many critics believe memory techniques, particularly those aimed at improving memory in those with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, do not have sufficient empirical support. So, does memory training work? According to the current research—sometimes. However, there are variables involved, particularly the type of technique, and it’s clear to many medical professionals that the topic requires more research.

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