One of the most difficult parts of living life is losing somebody we love. The pain and grief can feel like an ever-present weight that pervades every moment. Learning to manage grief in a healthy way can be a struggle. Everyone processes loss and grief differently. Healing occurs at different rates. Some people feel that certain forms of grieving are disrespectful to those we have lost. Despite this, the most important part of handling grief is realizing that there is no one correct way to do it.


1. What Grief Brings

The raw, intense emotions that grief brings may, to some, seem impossible to handle. Others may not even realize they are grieving. Loneliness is common, as is withdrawing from social situations and other people. Guilt frequently accompanies grief and is one of the hardest feelings to bear. Some people feel anger targeted at whomever they hold responsible. That can be themselves, the deceased, a friend, a family member, or another target. Many people experience a loss of appetite, feelings of apathy, and sadness.


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