Fingernails and toenails are composed of a protective protein called alpha-keratin. They start growing under the skin, with newly formed cells pushing old ones out. Interestingly, the visible nail is dead; it's the part hidden under the cuticle, freshly formed, that is alive the ever-growing. Nails on the fingers develop a bit faster than those on the toes, but only about 3 mm a month. However, there are ways of getting your nails to grow more quickly.


1. Eating Healthy

Health starts on the inside, as we know, and this affects nails just like it does skin, weight, and hair. Research shows eating plenty of colorful fruits and veggies can facilitate longer nails, though it's best to incorporate lean meats, whole grains, and oily fish, as well. Eating live culture yogurt and other foods that encourage beneficial bacteria may also assist with growing nails.

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