It is no surprise that many children are overweight. The readily available junk foods coupled with hours in front of a television or computer screen are primary factors in the obesity problem faced by adults and kids alike. If your kid has a weight issue, you can take a proactive approach to help him or her combat the problem and get to a healthy weight. Losing weight now is important for future health. Children who are heavy grow into adults who have many health problems. Many of these problems are life-long and can be avoided if action is taken immediately.


1. Get Active

If your child prefers staying indoors to watch tv or play video games, it's time to introduce activities to them that gets them moving. You can start off small. Suggest a quick walk outside. Encourage them to spend more time outside where they will be moving around. Most people don't necessarily enjoy exercise. So, it's important to encourage activities that your child likes. Sports are a great way to stay active, have fun and lose weight all in one. Find out which sport your child enjoys and ensure they get the chance to play that sport, whether it's with a school team, league or just at home. Staying active has many rewards, with weight loss just being one of the many.


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