Taurine is an incredibly common amino acid that is present in almost every tissue in a mammal's body. Despite some initial health concerns due to its presence in things like energy drinks over the past few years, it is actually incredibly healthy to consume on a regular basis. This essential amino acid is often not produced in the right amount inside humans. The ingestion of taurine is an essential part of staying healthy for those who are taurine deficient. Below are some of the amazing health benefits of taurine that have been overlooked in the past.


1. Reduces Inflammation

Taurine has been found to be very effective in reducing inflammation caused by various infections, from cancer to damaged cells and irritants. However, it hasn't been proven to be a remedy to ailments whose main symptom is inflammation, like arthritis. Yet people who have arthritis who have taken Taurine have found improvements in their movement and less pain in their joints. So it may work for some people with the disease and not others.


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