People have used saunas for their health benefits since Roman times, and a description of a Finnish sauna exists from the year 1112. Today, many gyms have saunas for their members. Despite their popularity, few people understand the health benefits of saunas. As with any trend, there are also many misconceptions and wild claims about the wonders of this treatment option. Thankfully, there are plenty of positive reasons to use saunas, with scientific evidence to back them up.


1. Relieves Sore Muscles

Saunas are a common feature in gyms because people think sitting in a sauna after a workout helps relieve sore muscles. There is evidence this long-held belief is indeed true. Saunas are hot, and the high heat encourages increased blood circulation to the skin, and therefore to the muscles, as well. After a workout, muscles flood with lactic acid, a natural result of use. However, the acid causes soreness. Increased blood flow can more quickly ease the aches and pain caused by the lactic acid faster than at room temperature.

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