Phytoestrogens occur naturally in a variety of plants. They mimic the effects of the hormone estrogen in humans and can have a range of health benefits, especially for women and reproductive health. Men, too, may find health benefits from phytoestrogens. When you consume phytoestrogens, these compounds begin to work in the same manner as naturally produced estrogen, attaching to the body's estrogen receptors. There are several types of phytoestrogens.


1. Provide Relief from Hot Flashes

When women enter perimenopause, usually in their late 40s, their bodies begin producing less estrogen. As these levels decrease and perimenopause transitions into menopause, women often experience hot flashes that come on quickly and can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Adding phytoestrogen to a healthy diet can bring relief from both the frequency and intensity of the hot flashes, carefully balancing and lowering estrogen more gradually, thus mitigating the effects of this natural transition.


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