Christian missionaries who arrived in South America in the 16th century found the passion flower. They felt it was a good omen for their mission. Hence, they named it the passion flower, and it is also known as passiflora. Perhaps these missionaries were right about the plant for almost all of its parts have medicinal values. Physically, the passion plant bears flowers of remarkable beauty and fleshy fruits that are good as well. All the plant's parts above ground are very useful in treating some medical conditions. Extracts from its flowers can are commonly used to flavor tea. This extract can also be widely found in infusions, tinctures, and liquid extracts. The benefits of passion flowers are numerous. Let us enumerate some of these:


1. May reduce the symptoms of withdrawal

Research shows that the passionflower can provide gentle relief for both the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal with no detrimental effects. Maybe passionflowers can be the cure for people addicted to smoking. These persons cannot seem to kick the habit because they cannot overcome the nicotine withdrawal. The use of passion flowers extract can reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. That is when researchers tested it on animals. More extensive tests should are still needed before they can prove these effects to humans.


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