Hawthorn berries are a red-pink color. They are sweet and tart and measure just about the same size as a crabapple. They have a pit in the much like a plum or peach however so you cannot just bite into one. Traditionally they are used in candies and beverages in Asian cultures, but western cultures often eat them raw or in the form of preserves. They have been used for years as a part of traditional medicine because of their many health benefits. Keep reading to find out all the health benefits of ingesting hawthorn berries on a regular basis.


1. Helps Treat Angina

One of the largest benefits of consuming hawthorn berry on a regular basis is its ability to strengthen your cardiovascular system. The berries can help treat many different health conditions, one of which is angina. Angina is the technical term for chest pains, which can be indicative of a heart attack or can be a painful health condition that occurs on its own. Those who suffer from angina that cannot be treated often have to deal with the painful spasms, but hawthorn berries have been linked to a reduction of chest pains making it an option to explore.

health benefits of hawthorn berries


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